NO, Acceptable forms of tube rental deposit for every five (5) tubes rented are as follows:

A valid (current) driver’s license for every five tubes rented.
A valid (current) car registration for every five tubes rented.A valid Passport for every five tubes rented.
OR $ 30 cash deposit for EACH tube rented (Does not include tube rental fee).

SRTR does not rent life jackets/vests; however, they are available for purchase in the Snack Bar for $8 each.

A parking pass is not necessary as long as you are parking on the designated parking lot.

Children MUST be BOTH at least 8 Years of Age or Older AND 4 feet  Tall to rent tubes or ride shuttle buses at S.R.T.R. If a child does not meet BOTH of these requirements, S.R.T.R. does not rent tubes or provide transportation to ANYONE in the group.


SRTR recommends that a person should consume at least 1 to 2  bottles (24 oz) or more of water per hour while floating to help prevent dehydration.

YES, SRTR rents tubes of various sizes to fit most any cooler so that the cooler fits snuggly inside the tube. Cooler tube and/or Tube Tubs rent for $21 + Tax per tube and/or tube tub.  Disposable Styrofoam ice chests are NOT recommended for usage on the Salt River.

YOU are responsible for the tube(s) you rent. Hang onto your tube at all times!

LOST or STOLEN TUBES: The charge is $30 per tube for lost or  stolen tubes payable immediately, CASH ONLY. The tube rental
deposit (Driver’s License, Car Registration, Passport or Cash deposit) will not be returned until the Lost/Stolen tubes are paid for. Any Driver’s License that has not been redeemed due to Lost/Stolen unpaid tubes at the end of a normal business day will be turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for collection and prosecution.

NO, SRTR does not offer special discounts to military personnel; however, discount coupons are available during specific months of the summer. ALL discount coupons are accepted Monday through Friday only (excluding holidays) and are available at participating Taco Bell Stores for specific dates during the summer.

NO, SRTR does not provide air for private tubes or rafts.