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SRTR does not rent life jackets/vests; however, they are available for purchase in the Snack Bar for $15 each.

A parking pass is not necessary as long as you are parking on the designated parking lot.

Children MUST be BOTH at least 8 Years of Age or Older AND 4 feet  Tall to rent tubes or ride shuttle buses at SRT

SRTR recommends that a person should consume at least 1 to 2  bottles (24 oz) or more of water per hour while floating to help prevent dehydration.

SRTR does have cooler tubes for rent.  The buckets are not insulated or waterproof!  If you bring your cooler, we can provide a tube that will fit snug around the cooler.

YOU are responsible for the tube(s) you rent. Hang onto your tube at all times!

LOST or STOLEN TUBES: Each lost tube is a $30 fee charged to the card on file.

SRTR will be providing military discount this year!  Discount does not apply to online orders, can only be discounted when rented at a window.  ID required.

NO, SRTR does not provide air for private tubes or rafts.

When the river reaches 1200 or more CFS, children under 12 will be required to purchase a lift jacket before renting and will only be allowed to go from pt 2 to pt 4.